Season 1

00: Parkdale Haunt: Trailer

When Judith Antoni's best friend takes off without warning, it's up to her to figure out exactly what is going on and why she left...

01: Whereabouts

Judith Antoni’s friend Claire has gone missing. Well, she’s alive, but she’s taken off and no one can track her down. Judith enlists the help of her friend Owen to start digging through the recordings made when Claire took possession of a house in Parkdale and things started to get… kind of weird.
CONTENT WARNINGS: Hauntings/the paranormal, cults (mentioned), the occult, alcohol

02: New Walls

Judith and Claire start working on the house, which comes with some unexpected issues, such as the endlessly creepy basement or the unsettling writing on the walls. They’re also presented with a difficult choice of which is worse: your ex showing up unannounced or 100 house centipedes in your sink?
CONTENT WARNINGS: Alcohol, the occult, insects

03: No Good Deeds

What’s that in the basement? Is it a ghost? A demon? A very angry raccoon? Possibly all three? Claire and Judith investigate the downstairs finally and find that it is truly creepy in more ways than they would’ve expected. The recordings are getting freakier though, and one new one starts to shed a little light on what might have precipitated the changes happening to Claire.
CONTENT WARNINGS: Animals, hauntings/paranormal experiences, blood (mentioned), darkness, fainting, gaslighting, alcohol

04: Subterranean

In the recordings, Claire talks about finding diaries in the basement of the house, along with her new sleepwalking-related issues. Hoping to get their hands on some books, Judith and Owen head over to the house to root through the basement, but the house and whatever is inside it does not want them there.
CONTENT WARNINGS: Hauntings/paranormal experiences, infanticide (mentioned), cults, the occult, sleepwalking, alcohol

05: Divination

Claire finds a homemade spirit board in the closet. Rather than hurling it out a window, she decides to invite people over to try it out. Turns out the house has a few things to say, and it’s feeling chatty. And aggressive.
CONTENT WARNINGS: Hauntings/the paranormal, alcohol

06: House of Worship

Judith’s discomfort is causing tension with Claire, and things are getting heated, and the recordings are getting more and more odd… Also, remember: always take the time to get to know your neighbours, because you never know what memories of a terrifying blood cult they might have.
CONTENT WARNINGS: Hauntings/paranormal experiences, cults, knives, fire (mentioned), alcohol

07: Crosstalk

Judith is displaced from her apartment and has to crash in Claire’s guestroom. It’s going ok, aside from the sleepwalking. And the sleeptalking. And the fact that Claire keeps covering the house in broken glass in the night. And the creepy things she’s saying. Actually, it’s just a mess across the board.
CONTENT WARNINGS: Hauntings/paranormal experiences, fire (mentioned), sleepwalking, possession, alcohol

08: Hesitations

Ever gotten a phone call from an unknown number that scares the hell out of you? Judith has, and she decides the best plan of action is to start crashing on Owen’s couch. They visit A. Bird to see if he’s maybe behind the issues at the house, but he’s got problems of his own. But it’s not just him who should be worried, it’s Judith and Owen, because the recordings aren’t just changing… they’re starting to talk back.
CONTENT WARNINGS: Hauntings/paranormal experiences, fire (mentioned), murder (mentioned), cults, alcohol

09: Disquiet

Still no word from Claire, and Judith and Owen are starting to really feel the stress of the shifting recordings. An unsettling recording from Adam doesn’t give them much closure either. Whatever is causing this, it’s decided that it’s had enough, and Judith and Owen better watch out… But it’s ok, recordings can’t hurt you, right? … Right?
CONTENT WARNINGS: Hauntings/paranormal experiences, depression, possession, the occult, alcohol

10: Observance

CONTENT WARNINGS: Hauntings, possession, the occult, blood, violence

10.5: Minisode: A Parkdale Carol

A semi-canonical tale about Christmas spirit… and Christmas spirits. What lurks in the past, and what is yet to come?
CONTENT WARNINGS: Hauntings/the paranormal, blood, the occult, alcohol

Season 2

00: Season 2 Trailer: Owen

Do you know what you're getting into?
CONTENT WARNINGS: The paranormal

00: Season 2 Trailer: Claire

Do you know what's happening to you?
CONTENT WARNINGS: The paranormal

11: Reach

The warm weather is here and so much has happened: Claire has returned! Judith is going on a date! Owen is back from vacation! These are all good things, right? … Right?
CONTENT WARNINGS: the occult, hauntings/the paranormal

12: Dark Post

A lunch date results in some unintended consequences. Claire is getting weirder and Judith is not feeling it. Meanwhile, Adam is out on his super cool motorcycle ruining Owen’s day in more way than one.
CONTENT WARNINGS: the occult, hauntings/the paranormal

13: The Hands We’re Given

Hello my darlings! I’m so glad you’re reading this. Today we’re going to discuss being positive when life doesn’t go our way. We try to stay positive here in our household. Life in the house is good, it’s so good. Everything is good, and if you say any differently, the only thing left for you to do is suffer.
CONTENT WARNINGS: The occult, cults, insects, self-harm

14: Backbite

A visit to Austin Bird’s house gives some insight. Judith steals a magazine. Owen ruins all his laundry. Lydia reveals that she’s got a better understanding of the situation than one would expect. And in the distance, something begins to burn…
CONTENT WARNINGS: the paranormal/hauntings, cults, the occult, fire

15: Reflux

There’s nothing like an old friend coming around for an unexpected visit, especially when all the doors are locked, and you’re not at home. Can’t say it’s something that Judith and Owen appreciate much, but maybe that’s just them. Meanwhile, Judith can feel another relationship starting to spiral out of control.
CONTENT WARNINGS: cults, the paranormal, the occult

16: Acquiesce

Owen and Judith engage in some espionage in a bid to see what Claire and Adam are like in public, calling in a favour with a rich frenemy. What could go wrong at a fancy party? Hang on, I’m getting a note that says “lots of things.” So, lots of things could go wrong. Whoops.
CONTENT WARNINGS: the occult, the paranormal, cults, alcohol, death

17: Ash and Bone

When stressed, you should take a step back and reassess, try to relax, and avoid doing anything too rash. Judith, when stressed, does none of these things, and NOW S H E WILL PA. Y FO R HER H U B RIS Y O U STUPID CH I L D
CONTENT WARNINGS: the occult, the paranormal, cults, fire

18: Disarticulate

How do you feel in the calm before the storm?
CONTENT WARNINGS: Cults, the paranormal, abusive relationships

19: Confined

What do you do when the world closes in on you?
CONTENT WARNINGS: confinement (claustrophobia), physical violence

20: Take Care

Where do you turn when there’s no way out?
CONTENT WARNINGS: confinement, the occult, violence, knives, blood, fire, the paranormal

20.5: Bonus: A Very Parkdale Christmas

A semi-canonical standalone episode where everyone's just having a good time. Things are good. They're great! There's a cute dog! Everyone's eating a lot of bread! Christmas is here and it's just nice and nothing will ever go wrong ever again.
CONTENT WARNINGS: the occult, alcohol, medical horror