30: Amaranthine

AMARANTHINE: undying. Trust. Simple in theory — do you have faith in someone, someone you love, someone you know, someone you care about? It can be difficult in practice, and there comes that moment where you ask yourself how do you find faith in the darkness? Who do you place your confidence in? Who can you rely on? To the people we love, we say: “Take this, please. It’s my heart, it’s my faith. Don’t break it. Don’t lose it. Don’t hurt it. Don’t hurt me.” Trust is the ability to lie in bed beside someone and, even in the most anxious of sleepless nights, know that you are safe. Trust is the knowledge that you will always find shelter from the worst of the world. Trust is the warmth of intertwined fingers. The steadying pressure of an embrace. Trust is a gift. Don’t break it. Don’t lose it. Don’t hurt it. Don’t hurt me. In the stygian darkness, who will stand beside you? Who will walk with you into hell? Who will walk out? Do you trust your friends?
CONTENT WARNINGS: Ghosts/the occult, physical violence, fire, death


[SFX: beep. They’re walking down towards Ontario Place. It’s quiet out, dark and still]

OWEN: I want to barf.

JUDITH: Yeah, if my internal organs just came up through my mouth I wouldn’t be surprised, because that’s how I feel right now.

CLAIRE: I think that’s an understandable reaction. Ok, stop. [SFX: they all stop walking]  Are you guys ready?

JUDITH: I mean, yes? Is there any other option?

CLAIRE: No, are you ready? Because once this gets started there’s no stopping. There’s no running away. I don’t know what exactly to expect from Lydia, but whatever she does, we have to keep pressing forward, ok? Even… even if something happens to one of us, the others keep going, ok? Promise me.

JUDITH: Yes. Ok. Fuck. Ok. Fuck.



CLAIRE: We can do this.

JUDITH: Thank you for your vote of confidence.

CLAIRE: Owen, you good?

OWEN: Sure!

CLAIRE: Great.

OWEN: I’ve been weighing just lying down and having a good cry.

JUDITH: Hmm, that does sound appealing.

CLAIRE: No time to cry. This ends now. 

OWEN: Yeah. I guess so.

JUDITH: Ontario Place has never been so threatening.

OWEN: Is anyone else around?

JUDITH: I don’t see anybody, which is… good? I think?

CLAIRE: [yelling up at the building] Lydia! Get your ass out here!

JUDITH: I feel like our challenge to her should be… heftier.

CLAIRE: How so?

JUDITH: Like, “bear your face unto the one that shall slay you!”

CLAIRE: Would that make you feel better about it?

JUDITH: Not really. How about… Lydia, you fucking piece of shit! Get out here so I can cram your head so far up your ass you choke on your uvula!

CLAIRE: Very classy.

JUDITH: We’re past that point. Ok. Ok. Ok.

CLAIRE: Lydia! Show yourself!

LYDIA: [in the distance] Helloooooooo lovelies! So glad you could come.

CLAIRE: Get your ass out here and face me like the demon you are.

LYDIA: Nope! Gotta come find me first! [SFX: takes off running down the tunnel]

CLAIRE: Guess we’re going inside.

OWEN: Even worse!

JUDITH: Ok, we go. We go. We fight. I love you guys. Let’s do this.

[SFX: beep. They’re walking down the long bridge towards the Cinesphere]

OWEN: Nothing too horrible yet.

JUDITH: Key word being ‘yet.’

OWEN: What do you think we’ll see first?

JUDITH: I don’t know.

CLAIRE: Shh. Both of you.

OWEN: Sorry. Just really, really nervous.

CLAIRE: This is weird though. I expected… people?

JUDITH: It’s way too quiet.

OWEN: I guess we can… go in there?

JUDITH: Somehow inside feels way scarier.

CLAIRE: We have to. Come on.

JUDITH: Ok. Everyone got their knives? [SFX: they enter into the tunnel that leads towards the Cinesphere. The door shuts behind them]

OWEN: It’s freezing in here.

CLAIRE: That’s a bad sign. Jude?


CLAIRE: Check the door.

JUDITH: [SFX: she tries to open the door, it doesn’t budge] It’s locked.

CLAIRE: She’s here. Oh fuck.

JUDITH: [SFX: touching the window] Oh fuck… the outside is gone. Oh fuck, oh fuck.

OWEN: [SFX: tries to kick the door open] This door ain’t budging, guys.

CLAIRE: Only path now is forward, come on.

LYDIA: [speaker on the wall] Hi hi hi. Hi! Welcome! Hi! Hi hi hi hi hi hi

JUDITH: What the fuck…

CLAIRE: Ignore the speakers, keep moving!

OWEN: What’s that sound?

CLAIRE: Don’t look back!

JUDITH: Don’t look out the windows either because there are HANDS- [SFX: a slamming sound on the glass from the outside] Oh JESUS.

OWEN: How is anyone even out there? It’s a raised bridge!

CLAIRE: It’s either not real or… oh my god. [SFX: a shuffling footstep, awkward and sliding on the cold hard floor]

ASH_DANA: you killed me

JUDITH: Wasn’t expecting this. Did not expect Dana.

ASH_DANA: I lived for so long without you and you killed me!

CLAIRE: I don’t know what to do with this.

OWEN: Is this real?

CLAIRE: I don’t know!

ASH_DANA: My death was real. I suffered. I burned alive in the hottest flames and I blame you, I blame you, I BLAME YOU. I had life, a life worth living and you come back into it and caused me to suffer.

JUDITH: Claire, don’t listen to her, this is Lydia’s doing!

ASH_DANA: You only bring suffering. You only bring pain. YOU WERE DESTINED TO MAKE THIS WORLD BURN.

CLAIRE: You don’t know me. You never did.


CLAIRE: Only yours. [SFX: she stabs her with the knife]


OWEN: Are there more things like that?

JUDITH: I don’t know, but we can’t stay here. Claire? Claire?

CLAIRE: … yeah?

JUDITH: You got this.

CLAIRE: Yep. Yeah. Come on. [SFX: they start walking again]

LYDIA: [speaker] You want to find me? You want to PLAY? You want to FUCK AROUND AND FIND OUT?

CLAIRE: We’re here! You wanted us! Come and face us! Don’t send fucking minions!

LYDIA: [speaker] Find me first! I like to watch.

JUDITH: Not to kinkshame Lydia, but fucking yikes.

LYDIA: [speaker] Hey Claire, you loser you loser you loser you loser-

OWEN: What is going on with that?

CLAIRE: She’s melting down. This is really… not what I expected.

LYDIA: [speaker] Three! My final three! The blood of the Family is good, but the blood of the devoted is even better. You’re all so devoted to each other, it’s DISGUSTING.

OWEN: We’re not devoted to you or your horrible fucking plan!

LYDIA: Words! Words words words. Words are elastic, the stretch and the break and they SNAP AND SNAP AND SNAP AND SNAP. They can mean whatever. You ever taken an English class, you DOPE? Probably not. It’s basic THEORY-

JUDITH: Don’t you bring your 100-level English class bullshit in here! What, are you going to compare this to 1984 next?

LYDIA: SHUT YOUR GODDAMN MOUTH. I’m talking now! Ok? Ok! Ok! I am the mouthpiece of a GOD. What was I saying? Right. Right right right. Words are elastic. What is family? What is love? What is devotion? You are all so devoted to each other, I hate it so much, but hey, I can use it. I can put the cracks in this world so deep that nothing, nothing nothing nothing NOTHIHNG will ever fix it. Your stupid love for each other. Horrible! Your ending. My beginning. Claire? Honey? Baby? You MOTHERFUCKER. You will be the last for your death will rip open this world, and you will die knowing you failed, you failed, YOU FAILED, YOU FAILED!

OWEN: Maybe one of us should’ve stayed home.

LYDIA: You will all fight to the death for each other. There’s no devotion stronger than that, and I will make you suffer for it.

CLAIRE: You want to destroy us? You’re not even willing to come out in the open to try! You’re a child in over her head, and the fire will leave you nothing more than dust in the wind.

LYDIA: SHUT UP you fucking losers, Hi Claire, Hi hi hi hi hi hi- I’m glad you came to my celebration. This is the final reckoning. The end is so close, I can taste it. It tastes like the ash that will rain down from the sky when the gates open.

JUDITH: Face us head on!

LYDIA: YOU THINK I’M THAT STUPID? I’m going to find you. I’m going to kill you one by one. I’m going to make you watch each other bleed.

JUDITH: Old news! Give me something I haven’t heard.

LYDIA: You want to hear something unexpected?

JUDITH: Sure, try me.

LYDIA: I think I want another chance. Let’s have a little one on one time. [SFX: all the lights shut off]

JUDITH: Shit. Can you guys see anything?


OWEN: Take my hands, so we don’t get separated.

CLAIRE: My phone light doesn’t work. It doesn’t… illuminate anything. It’s like trying to see through ink.

OWEN: Shit.


OWEN: Yeah?

JUDITH: This is your hand, right?

OWEN: Yes.

JUDITH: And Claire, this one is yours?

CLAIRE: … no, I’m holding Owen’s.

JUDITH: Oh no [SFX: she gets yanked and dragged down the hall into the Cinesphere theatre. The door slams heavily]


OWEN: Judith! She got pulled into the theatre, come on! [SFX: they pull on the door handle, eventually forcing it open. They run inside. Music begins]

OWEN: Jude?

CLAIRE: Lydia!

LYDIA: [speaker system] HI GUYS. Welcome to my final show.

OWEN: Claire, where’s that music coming from?

LYDIA: You like it? Thought I’d go out with a BANG. Judith, you like?

JUDITH: [speaker system] Stop, stop!


LYDIA: [speaker system] DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO, YOU LITTLE SHIT. Weak. Weak! All of you, weak! I just wanted to prove myself. I wanted to be something GOOD, I wanted to be the person I always wanted to be, who my parents raised me to be: strong, capable, accomplished, and you, you complete asshole, you come in here with a name and some shitty grandma and you act like the whole world owes you this. You make yourself the face! You make yourself a queen, and you take and you take and you take! YOU ARE OWED NOTHING.

JUDITH: [speaker system] This feels deeply hypocritical.

LYDIA: [speaker system] SHUT UP. [SFX: stabbing sound, Judith cries out in pain] SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP. Where were we? I wanted love and to live up to what was expected of me, but you took that away from me! YOU TOOK IT AWAY!

CLAIRE: I’m sorry about your father, Lydia. There’s nothing I could do to atone for that, but you have to stop!

OWEN: What would your mother say of this? Does she want this for you? For herself?

LYDIA: [speaker system] She had to be fed to the fire. I fed her myself, I watched her burn, this was her final gift to me.

OWEN: You killed your own mother for this? What is this revenge even worth then?

LYDIA: [speaker system] YOU MADE ME DO THIS. I LONGED FOR MORE BUT THIS IS WHAT YOU CREATED. I WANT YOU TO KNOW HOW MUCH I SUFFERED. Like the score? I thought it would be appropriate. Oh, Owen, what do you think of the speaker set up in here?

OWEN: Oh jesus christ- AHH- [SFX: a speaker falls and nearly hits him]

LYDIA: [speaker system] Sorry there buddy!

CLAIRE: Lydia!

LYDIA: Where was I? Right, right right right, yes! Judith, [SFX: stabbing and cutting sound] you’re such a sweetheart, so dedicated! You brought your friends here to help, that’s very cute. Y’know, the hardest part was knowing from minute one that you’d never love anyone as much as you love them. I suffered so you must too. I will take EVERYTHING from you. I WILL TAKE EVERYTHING.

CLAIRE: I didn’t do this to you Lydia. You and I, we’re the same — we’re both just pawns in someone else’s game. Please, just stop. End this. If you stop now, we can walk away. I can help you. I have access information that you don’t. There’s a way to cleanse your mind and body.

LYDIA: [speaker system] What, through spirulina and yoga? Fuck you! LIAR! LIAR LIAR LIAR LIAR LIAR LIAR-

CLAIRE: You know what I mean!

LYDIA: [speaker system] I’m better than ever and I’m hurt than you’d think that I’m not doing great! You know who’s not doing great though? Skin is so permeable, it’s so stupid. Want me to cauterize it?

JUDITH: [speaker system] Don’t you fucking dare.

LYDIA: [speaker system] Fine. Just bleed out then. Make a mess.

OWEN: There, the door!

CLAIRE: Come on, over here! Have that damn knife ready.

LYDIA: [speaker system] I wanted you both to watch, but listening to her choke and die should be enough. [SFX: they run over, push the door open] Oh good! You’re here to watch in the end!

JUDITH: Help, please.

LYDIA: Get away from me! [SFX: they all struggle, Lydia gets cut]

CLAIRE: Like we wouldn’t come prepared


CLAIRE: Owen, grab Judith and MOVE. [SFX: there’s a sound like the air being sucked out of the room, Lydia is gone] What the FUCK? Where the fuck did she go?

OWEN: I don’t think it matters right now. We need a moment. Judith, are you going to be alright to keep going?

JUDITH: Not much else of a choice. Just running on adrenaline at this point.

CLAIRE: FUCK. [SFX: stabs the wall]

JUDITH: Claire, I need you to keep it together, stop stabbing the wall. We’ll find her. She can’t have gone far.

CLAIRE: Shit. Ok. Shit. You’re hurt. Jude, let me… wait.

JUDITH: What is that?

CLAIRE: Bad, bad sign, we have to run- [SFX: the sound is sucked out of the room, into the pocket dimension they go!] what the…

OWEN: Where are we?

JUDITH: I know where we are. Tabitha, get your ass out here!

TABITHA: [from somewhere else] Sorry, your time in the waiting room is up, you’ll have to vacate the space. The theatre is now closing, anyone found on the premises will be immediately ejected.

OWEN: I wondered where that sadist was.

TABITHA: Of course, you may have forgotten what it’s like outside.

JUDITH: Oh shi- [SFX: she’s cut off, there’s a sound like the air being sucked out of the room, and then suddenly they’re all outside, and they fall into the lake with a splash. They all come coughing up out of the water] FUCK, that’s so cold. Claire? Owen?

CLAIRE: I’m here!

OWEN: [SFX: slightly in the distance] Over here! You two o- [SFX: he’s pulled underwater]

JUDITH: Owen! [SFX: swimming over]

OWEN: [SFX: he breaks the surface, gasping for air] There is SOMETHING DOWN THERE-

CLAIRE: Just swim, we have to get out of the water!

JUDITH: [SFX: they all swim over to the edge and haul themselves up. They pull themselves onto the concrete edge, gasping] Holy shit.

OWEN: Something kept pulling me back down.

CLAIRE: She’s toying with us, like a child.

JUDITH: Well she could stop anytime now. Do you guys still have everything? I still got my knife… somehow. I don’t know, I am losing a lot of blood.

CLAIRE: I have my knife and the oil.

OWEN: I have my knife, that bat is somewhere in the theatre.

JUDITH: Great, we have three streak knives and some infused oil.

CLAIRE: Oh god, Jude!

JUDITH: Shouldn’t there be city lights visible in the distance?

OWEN: There’s… nothing out there.

CLAIRE: All of Toronto, dark. It has to be an illusion. We’re… we’re in this space with her. Everything is warped.

JUDITH: Not a light in the whole damn place. Just darkness, going on forever. It would be cool, if it wasn’t so fucking terrifying right now.

OWEN: Where is she? [SFX: the wind picks up a little around them]

CLAIRE: She’s by the fire pit.

JUDITH: Do you see her?

CLAIRE: I can feel her.She’s burning alive from the inside out and the flames lick her insides in the sweetest ecstasy.

JUDITH: I’m never going to be ok with when you say weird shit like this.

OWEN: There’s a fire over there, it’s… the only light.

CLAIRE: The master is coming. Fuck. Ok, you two just, stay- [SFX: takes off running]

JUDITH: Fucking hell. Claire?! Goddamnit. [SFX: Judith and Owen take off running after Claire]

[SFX: a beep starts, but then breaks into static. They keep running. There’s a cracking sound, and part of the fire pit begins to fall away, the ground cracks and opens a few meters. Fire pours out]

LYDIA: Oh, yay! Yes yes yes yes yes, you’re here, you’re all here, just in time. But also, you’re too late! I’m so glad you all came out though. This will be so much FUN. The final blood! The little family, you come home. You will show your devotion to me.

JUDITH: Wait, how many were needed? Aren’t… isn’t she short? Unless someone else has been sacrificed since we left the house?

CLAIRE: You were hasty, Lydia.

LYDIA: You been keeping count?

CLAIRE: The house keeps score.

JUDITH: You got cocky and killed off too many of your followers! Who’s even here to help you?

LYDIA: I don’t need them. What good are flesh and bone when you have the flames of hell behind you?

OWEN: She has a point.

TABITHA: You’re all dead meat.

JUDITH: How’s your neck? Still flayed?

TABITHA: How about you just give up.

OWEN: Pass.

TABITHA: I buried you once, I’ll do it again. Maybe this time I’ll kill you first but… we’ll see.

OWEN: Get fucked.

CLAIRE: Enough. You will find yourself stripped of your powers and left a husk. You will perish in the night like the rest. Your ash will be forgotten on the wind!

LYDIA: SILENCE. You honestly think that will work? I WILL BURN THE VOICE OUT OF YOU.

JUDITH: There’s not even enough of us to finish the ritual. It was 95 last I checked, who else is here?

LYDIA: No one, you’re out of date. I had some things to finish before I got to finish the party. [SFX: she throws a wallet onto the ground in front of them] It’s 96.

CLAIRE: [SFX: she cautiously picks it up and looks inside] Oh my god.

JUDITH: Holy fuck.

OWEN: Who’s wallet is that?

JUDITH: It’s Adam’s.

CLAIRE: You motherfucker-

JUDITH: How? I thought he was in Alberta!

TABITHA: I took a little road trip, courtesy of Lydia. Picked a few things up. You know, he’s a shitty road trip companion, but my first mistake was locking him in the trunk. My second one was letting him keep his tongue for that long, but I learned my lesson around Moose Jaw.

LYDIA: I thought it would be nice to let my right hand have a little fun sometimes, and occasionally it wants to crush an insect.

CLAIRE: You fucking BITCH.

TABITHA: What, I thought you were over him?


TABITHA: Then I guess it doesn’t matter if I tell you that he suffered greatly. Oh, and here. [SFX: she slides a jar along the ground to them, Judith picks it up]


OWEN: What is it- oh jesus christ.

CLAIRE: You plucked out his EYE?

TABITHA: EyeS. Plural. Just kept the one, though. The rest of him… it burned well.

JUDITH: You sick FUCK.

TABITHA: Don’t worry, I won’t do the same to you. You’ll need those watch Owen die. Hey buddy.

OWEN: Fuck off.

TABITHA: What, you want Judith to go first? [SFX: Owen tackles her]

OWEN: Gah!

TABITHA: You jackass. Oh, and thanks for the knife. I forgot mine.

LYDIA: Do you want to do the honours?

TABITHA: Gladly.

JUDITH: NO. [SFX: she rushes over, she holds a knife to Tabitha’s neck] Put it down, you piece of shit!

TABITHA: Hey, chill, we don’t need to get violent over it- [SFX: there’s a struggle]

JUDITH: Grab the knife!

OWEN: Got it!

CLAIRE: You don’t have enough people to finish the ritual, Lydia!

LYDIA: I do.

CLAIRE: What, do you have someone else jammed in a closet?

TABITHA: This will be finished!

LYDIA: Oh, it will.

TABITHA: I just… wait, no.

LYDIA: Shh, shh, it’s ok. You worked so hard.

TABITHA: No. Don’t you fucking dare!

LYDIA: This is just… the last thing I need from you.

TABITHA: You brought me here for THIS? How fucking COULD you?

LYDIA: You wanted to be involved right until the end. Your blood will only make this stronger. It’ll help me even more. Thank you, Tabitha.

TABITHA: Get away from me!

LYDIA: Tabby, honey, as if you should be surprised by my treachery.

TABITHA: No, no! I have served! I have done EVERYTHING that was expected of me! I deserve to see this through!

LYDIA: You deserve nothing. [SFX: rips her head off]

JUDITH: Jesus-

OWEN: No one get within grabbing range.

JUDITH: Oh fuck, just RUN.

CLAIRE: That means there’s… three left. 

CLAIRE/OWEN/JUDITH: [all talking over each other] You guys, run, I’ll stay here and try to stop-… oh.

CLAIRE: I mean that’s very kind-

OWEN: I don’t think-

JUDITH: It just seems like a bad idea-

CLAIRE: Enough! There’s only one way out of this.

JUDITH: Right. Strength in numbers, I guess.

OWEN: Three against… the armies of hell?


JUDITH: This was a huge mistake.

CLAIRE: Yeah, but what other option did we have?

OWEN: I don’t know, flying away to a tropical island?

CLAIRE: Running away didn’t help Adam!


OWEN: Do we rush her?

JUDITH: We could try?

LYDIA: THE KNIVES OF THE ONE WHO HIDES ARE USELESS HERE [SFX: the metal of the knives heats up and burns Judith and Owen’s hands, they drop them as they shatter on the ground]

JUDITH/OWEN: Ah! [they cry out in pain]

CLAIRE: You guys ok?

JUDITH: Not really! Those knives are fucked though so now we’re weaponless, I guess. Great! So great. Owen?

OWEN: What are the chances I could run out for an ice pack right now?

CLAIRE: Lydia! I challenge you as the rightful- [SFX: a burst of hot air slams her into the wall, hard]

JUDITH: Claire!


CLAIRE: I guess it was stupid of me to think she’d just agree to this.


CLAIRE: Yeah, well, I am the mother, and I AM THE FIRST.

OWEN: Back here! Come on! [SFX: the all hide behind a small chunk of wall]

CLAIRE: God, she’s barely even human anymore.

JUDITH: She’s barely even flesh anymore! She’s literally ashing away and leaving nothing but flame behind.

OWEN: I’m feeling more and more like we’re too late, fuck, goddamnit!

CLAIRE: No! This ends today! I started this. I’m going to end it.

JUDITH: HOW? We are incredibly short on options and we already had very few. The ground is OPEN and spewing flame and we are TRAPPED in here.

CLAIRE: I… you know what has to happen. I have to get closer to her.

JUDITH: What? No. No! Claire, that is a death wish!


CLAIRE: Listen to me: even if we could hurt her, even if we could get close, she’d just kill us and become stronger for it. I’m not letting you or Owen get near her, that’s not what’s going to happen. You can’t stop her like this. I have this [SFX: holds up jar] and… me. I have me. And that’s it. Two to close, in ash and bone, one to seal, the first alone.

JUDITH: What the fuck even is that?

OWEN: Why does that sound familiar?

JUDITH: We do this together! Can’t you just throw that jar?

CLAIRE: And miss? [SFX: there’s a horrible roaring noise] We’re out of options!

JUDITH: There has to be something!

CLAIRE: The blood of the first has to be the one to close the gate.

JUDITH: You’re not the first!

CLAIRE: Not technically, but in some sense, yeah, I’m the one who started us down this path. Words are malleable, Judith. I’ve learned that.  


CLAIRE: I’m so sorry, Jude. I can’t let you get close to her as well.

JUDITH: No, NO. You can’t, you can’t, I won’t let you, please, please Claire, please. Don’t.

CLAIRE: I’m so sorry, Jude. I love you.

JUDITH: I love you too, please. Please, Claire, let me do something, please, let me help, I can’t watch you-

CLAIRE: Jude, no. That’s a terrible idea.

JUDITH: We can stop her! We can do this without anyone dying, we’ve still got the one knife! Please, just let me help. I can’t lose you again, please.

CLAIRE: I know. I know.

OWEN: Hey, we have to do something NOW, because she’s coming!


CLAIRE: Jude, we have to do this now. There’s no other option, we have to stop her or everything is destroyed.

JUDITH: You can’t do this alone.

CLAIRE: Fine. Ok. But you’re only going to distract, ok? You just…  

JUDITH: We’ll make it out of this.

CLAIRE: Yeah. Yeah. That would be nice. Owen?

OWEN: Yeah?

CLAIRE: Thank you.

OWEN: I… yeah.

CLAIRE: I love you guys.

JUDITH: [SFX: Owen grabs Judith] Owen, what the hell, let go of me- [SFX: Claire gets up. Judith tries to get up, but Owen holds her back]CLAIRE- [SFX: struggling] OWEN, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

OWEN: [SFX: holding her, struggling] YOU HAVE TO LET HER DO THIS







[SFX: there’s a huge cacophony, screams and breaking glass, a nightmare of demon magic and fire. And then, as suddenly as it began, it stops. There’s a ping-ping in the background, like cooling molten glass and metal]

JUDITH: No, NO! She can’t, she can’t be gone, she can’t!

OWEN: Holy fuck.

JUDITH: There’s… oh my god, Claire? CLAIRE?

OWEN: Claire? Fuck, fuck…


OWEN: Jude, she’s gone.

JUDITH: … did you know? 

OWEN: What?

JUDITH: I am asking you; did you know in advance that she was going to do this? Why did you grab me? She hadn’t even gotten up. I was going to help. Did you know something? DID YOU KNOW SHE WAS GOING TO DO THIS?

OWEN: I… Judith, please, I need you to understand, she had to-


OWEN: Jude, please-


OWEN: I’m sorry, I’m sorry! This was the only way-


OWEN: She… she asked me to-

JUDITH: And you LET HER? After ALL THIS, after EVERYTHING, you let her… you stopped me… 

OWEN: I’m… I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I don’t know what else to say, but Jude, I’m sorry, she knew we had run out of time!

JUDITH: We could’ve figured something out if we known!

OWEN: No, she knew! She always knew. And we never found that option. 

JUDITH: I can’t believe she would tell you, I don’t want… why wouldn’t she tell me? 

OWEN: I’m sorry Jude, I’m sorry. She wanted to spare you that knowledge, that this is what would happen-

JUDITH: Don’t touch me! Don’t. I… I can’t… I don’t… 

OWEN: Ok, ok. 


OWEN: Jude, we have to go. Whatever Lydia had done to hide this place is gone. People will be here soon. 

JUDITH: But what if…

OWEN: Jude. Take my coat, please, you’re covered in blood, we need to leave. Please, please!

JUDITH: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Ok. Let’s go.

[SFX: beep. They walk into Claire’s house]

OWEN: Jude-

JUDITH: Don’t talk to me.

OWEN: Judith, please-

JUDITH: No. No, stop. Don’t tell me you had to hide this, don’t tell me this was the best plan of action. I don’t care what makes logical sense right now. I don’t think I ever will. You… you knew. You looked me in the eye and you let her run and you didn’t even give me a chance… FUCK.

OWEN: We need to get our stuff and go.

JUDITH: Go where? Home? Just go wash off the blood and go back to real life? Claire is DEAD, Owen. So many people are dead, we stopped Lydia but we failed at everything else, and now what am I supposed to do?

OWEN: I DON’T KNOW. I don’t know, Jude, I’m just as fucking lost! You aren’t the only one who’s completely broken by this, ok? I don’t know how I’m supposed to just get my bag and go home. I don’t know how I’m supposed to go to work next week. I don’t know how I’m supposed to look anyone in the eye. I don’t KNOW. But we can’t stay here!

JUDITH: Claire is gone. I failed her. I… I was complacent and just kept thinking we’ll figure this out, we’ll figure this out, and I am stupid and selfish and I didn’t listen and she couldn’t trust me and we couldn’t come up with anything to save her and now it’s all FUCKED.

OWEN: Jude-

JUDITH: Don’t touch me! I just feel… so empty. I just feel… so fucking alone right now.

OWEN: You’re acting like I’ve abandoned you. I’m right here, I’m right fucking here with you!

JUDITH: I know! I know! Fuck, all I wanted to do was help and nothing worked, nothing nothing nothing, and you let her take that on and it COST HER HER LIFE!

OWEN: I-… what was I supposed to do? Let you join? Throw yourself into the fire and fucking die? Are you NUTS? I’m not watching you die too!

JUDITH: I wasn’t even given the chance to do anything! I could’ve talked to her, I could’ve helped…

OWEN: I’m not letting you throw your life away for this! Jude! Come on, please, please, you’re not alone in this.

JUDITH: I know, I know, I… god, fuck, I failed, I failed.

OWEN: Judith, please, we have to go. You have to get your stuff.


OWEN: You’re not the only one struggling here, so just fucking stop.

JUDITH: What, you want a medal for suffering alongside me?

OWEN: Fuck you.

JUDITH: Fuck you! Cool, super great, I knew the second this was done you’d chuck me aside because I’m the thing that ruined your life.

OWEN: You’re not giving me a lot of reasons to stay right now.

JUDITH: Yeah, because I’m the thing that ruined your life. Owen, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…

OWEN: Jude, please. We have to go.

JUDITH: Ok. [SFX: they start putting things in backpacks]

OWEN: Judith?


OWEN: I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.

JUDITH: Yeah. But I just… don’t know how to handle this.

OWEN: I know. God, I know.

JUDITH: I feel like… Claire only came back to say goodbye. And that’s just too much to handle right now.

OWEN: She didn’t avoid you because she wanted to hide things from you, she was… she was afraid of you getting hurt too.

JUDITH: Well it’s a bit late for that.

OWEN: You what I mean! Fuck. You’re not the only one fucking going through it right now, ok? So you could stand to be a little less shitty.

JUDITH: I wish I had never put you through this, Owen. I just want to go back in time and… I don’t know. I wish I could’ve spared you from this.

OWEN: You know what the worst part is?


OWEN: I probably would’ve found my way back. To you. To this. Hopped right back on the path.

JUDITH: You always could’ve walked away. You always could’ve left me to this nightmare.

OWEN: Never. I would’ve stood beside you in the fires of hell.

JUDITH: Same. [SFX: there’s a cracking sound from below as the foundation breaks]

OWEN: Was that in the basement?

JUDITH: Yeah. Do we look one last time?

OWEN: Yeah, I guess.

[SFX: beep. Basement]

OWEN: I think the foundation is fucked.

JUDITH: The house is empty. In every way, it has lost its purpose, its identity. So… the house breaks.

OWEN: I think it’s time we lock the door and go.

JUDITH: The writing on the wall is just dust on the floor now. The power in this house is gone. It died with Claire. I guess she was the final caretaker.

OWEN: Jude.

JUDITH: What?!


JUDITH: Ok. Ok. Let’s go.

[SFX: beep. Judith’s apartment]

OWEN: Are you ok to be here?


OWEN: Do you want me to stick around?


OWEN: Do you want me to call later?


OWEN: Are we ok?


OWEN: Do you trust me, Jude?


OWEN: Fine. Fine. I’ll go. I’ll see you.

JUDITH: Goodbye, Owen.

[SFX: beep. Phone message]

JUDITH: Hey, it’s Judith. Leave a message. [SFX: beep]

OWEN: [on message] Hey Judith, uh, I know you’ve probably heard this, but if you haven’t, uh, they found… uh… they found Claire. I don’t know how, but they did. Or they found something? I don’t know, I assume you know this but… can you call me? Thanks. Bye.

[SFX: beep. Phone message]

JUDITH: Hey, it’s Judith. Leave a message. [SFX: beep]

OWEN: [on message] Hey, it’s me. Hope you’re doing ok. Haven’t heard from you in a bit so wanted to check in. I was hoping we could talk at the memorial but I guess you left after the eulogy. I’m sorry… about… everything.Ok. Give me a call if you get the chance. See you.

[SFX: beep. Phone message]

JUDITH: Hey, it’s Judith. Leave a message. [SFX: beep]

OWEN: [on message] Hey, it’s me. Please give me a call if you get the chance. If you even want to talk to me. I should take this as a hint, huh? I hope you’re doing ok. Bye, Jude.

[SFX: beep. Judith’s apartment. She sighs and clicks on a recording]

CLAIRE: [on recording] Hey Jude- [SFX: clicks off, Judith sighs, clicks it on again] Hey- [SFX: clicks off, she sits there in silence for a little longer, clicks it back on] Hey Jude. I don’t really know what to say- [SFX: she clicks it off, takes a deep breath, and then turns it back on] Hey Jude. I don’t really know what to say, but I thought I should at least try to talk to you about… things. I owe you that. And like, $45 I think from about a year ago? But… you know what? I don’t think that’s really a concern right now. But if you’re wondering, there’s an envelope I gave to Owen that has $50 in it for you, so we’re square. Even paid it back with interest. It’s… this is probably stupid. But I just wanted to say a few things, before… yeah. 

You’re a good person, Jude. I know you have a hard time believing that sometimes, but you are. You’re so brave. And you’re so strong. Like, not just physically, although you can do a ridiculous number of push-ups, but…when you want to get things done? God, you’re like a force of nature. I’ve always admired that about you.That’s how I know you can get through this.You’re also really fucking funny. Do you remember that time in grade 10 English when we were literally banned from sitting together? You kept making those stupid puns, and I laughed so hard I almost puked and Mr. Caplan was just not having it. I… yeah. I miss that person. I miss those people. I know neither of us have been those people for a long time now, but I think there’s still a chance to find them again. For you, at least.

Jude, I hope you already know this, but in case you don’t: you’re my sister. You’ve always been my sister. I could never even have hoped for the kind of support you’ve just given me over the years. I don’t deserve you. But I love you. And that’s why I need you to take care of yourself. And Owen. Just… take care of yourselves. The shit we’ve been through — you’re going to need each other. I know that you’re going to be going through it and you’ll keep going through it even after you think you’re done, but you don’t have to carry all of this yourself. Let Owen help. Let him bake you a million scones and bring you beer, because he’s going to need you too. And I’m so glad you two have that in each other. The hardest thing is knowing that, if you’re hearing this, that I won’t get to be that person for you. But… it was always borrowed time. You did so much, and I just can’t… ever thank you enough for that. Tell Owen too, for a guy who used to just be a co-worker, he really stepped up. More than anything, Jude, one day, I want you to feel safe again. And I know that’s a really big ask, and I know it’s going to be really hard, but, promise me you’ll at least try, ok?

You’re amazing, Jude. You don’t deserve this. I love you.

[SFX: beep. They’re outside the house]

JUDITH: I… had never listened to that before.

OWEN: Yeah. I don’t blame you.

JUDITH: You know, surprisingly, I’m glad you hung onto the recorder. Thanks for sending it again. I’d… just been avoiding it.

OWEN: No problem. I just thought… This should be preserved. Sometimes I wonder why I think that, but… yeah.

JUDITH: Yeah. Do you still have the $50?

OWEN: [SFX: pulls an envelope out of his pocket] You know I do.

JUDITH: … wow. 

OWEN: So… how’ve you been? What’ve you been up to?

JUDITH: What, over the last… like… several months?God, I don’t know, getting used to the new job. Finally tried that really fancy sushi restaurant not far from my place. Oh, and therapy. So much therapy! And massages, I am just… burning through my benefits.

OWEN: Please tell me that pun was intended.

JUDITH: Honestly? I’m not sure. How about yourself?

OWEN: Uh, yeah, just… keeping busy. Also going to a lot of therapy, finally found someone I like talking to. Took some time off, went to Scotland. I’m kind of into rugby now? I’m not good at it, but turns out it’s easier to block out your waking nightmares when you’re getting tackled by some big guy who doesn’t know his own strength. What’s that little bone at the base of your ribcage?

JUDITH: The xiphoid process?

OWEN: Yeah, that. I think I might have barfed mine up on a field.

JUDITH: Hah! Also, technically, I think it’s cartilage, not bone.

OWEN: Great, thanks Adam.I… I’m sorry, I-

JUDITH: Owen, it’s ok. It’s ok. It feels… good? To actually talk about this stuff again. I mean, to someone I’m not paying. I still can’t… be honest with someone about what happened. It still doesn’t feel real sometimes, even though it was.

OWEN: I know, right? I was sitting in a session like, a month ago, and deep in my stomach I know, I know that if I’m just honest about all these things that I could explain all my weird fears and habits and the shit that’s been bothering me and following me around and rotting in my brain, but I just… can’t. I can’t. I try, but… yeah. I don’t think I ever will be.

JUDITH: Well, I know it’s been… a while, but… if you ever like… want to talk about it…

OWEN: Yeah. You too.

JUDITH: I’ve missed you. But I know I just… shut down. It’s been… hard. I was… really struggling after everything that happened.

OWEN: Don’t worry, I get it. I was too. I… still am. 


OWEN: I missed you too. It’s been weird at work without you there. Kind of… lonely. And…if you… I know you don’t want to-


OWEN: Yeah?

JUDITH: It’s ok. I know… you didn’t do what you did easily. And that decision probably weighed really heavily on you. And I know my anger was less about you and more about… everything. Just everything. A world of hurt that swallowed us both. I needed time, and space, and room to work through… all of it. But, if I’m honest here, I missed you. A lot. A lot. And I just hope you’re doing ok. And it feels… good to hang out with you again. And when I think about this and everything that we went through… it was a lot of loss to handle. I… lost a lot. But I don’t want to lose you too. And I’m sorry. For everything.

OWEN: Yeah, yeah… same. I’m sorry too. I… I don’t want to go back to anything that we went through. But… I wouldn’t say no to having you back in my life. My pull-out couch is woefully underused these days. I’ve missed you, Jude.

JUDITH: It’s really good to see you again.

OWEN: Yeah. What do you think of the house?

JUDITH: I can’t believe they tore it down and replaced it with a… contemporary rectangle. Well, I can. It’s the destiny of every house in this goddamn city at this rate. How much do you think that stroller on the porch costs?

OWEN: Like, $1000. At least the porch is concrete now.

JUDITH: Yeah, it’s concrete and glass with a labradoodle in the yard.

OWEN: It’s a nice yard. I can’t believe Bird sold it.

JUDITH: It feels like such a slap in the face and yet… horribly appropriate.

OWEN: I don’t even want to think about the commission he got off of it.

JUDITH: I think he… kind of earned it? But… only just.

OWEN: So… what do you want to do?

JUDITH: Let’s go get a beer. I’m buying.

OWEN: Alright. 

JUDITH: [SFX: They start walking] Is that a new coat?

OWEN: Like it? I’m trying to up my style game.

JUDITH: I do. [SFX: Her phone rings, she picks up]Hello?Hello?

CLAIRE?: Hello? Hello? Do you miss me?

JUDITH: [quick intake of breath, hangs up the phone. They stand there for a moment]

OWEN: Do you get those calls too? 


OWEN: Was it her?

JUDITH: Yeah. 

OWEN: What do we do?

JUDITH: For now… for now… let’s just… let’s go get a beer. Reconnect. Rebuild.

OWEN: Yeah. I like that. Safety in numbers?

JUDITH: Well, two at least. Alright. Let’s do this.

[SFX: beep]