00: Season 2 Trailer: Judith

Do you know what to do next?

[SFX: beep]

JUDITH: [sighs] Owen, voice message time, I don’t want to call because it’s late and I know you’re still all jetlagged and work has been nuts, but yeah, uh… Claire keeps calling me and… I don’t know what to do. I’m… I picked up the first few times, but it was like talking to… a stranger? I don’t know. Something feels so wrong, she feels so weird… and off. I don’t know. But she keeps calling me. I’ve just been letting it go to voicemail because… I don’t know what to do. I’m stuck. I don’t know what we’re doing or what’s going on with her or what’s wrong or anything, right now I’m just taking the path of least resistance right now, by which I mean resisting interactions with her. At least… until we figure out what happened. And why she’s so weird now. But yeah, I’ve been thinking about it all night and I just… wanted to tell you. The messages she leaves are so long too, so fucking rambly, she talks about relaxation and health stuff and finding strength and whatever, I have to admit that I just kind of zone out. I have saved some of them so you can hear them when you get back … I don’t know. I think I have like… 5 more on my phone. I don’t even want to listen to them. I don’t know who she is now.

Ok, thanks for listening, hope you’re getting a normal sleep and not waking up at 4 AM anymore. I’ll see you at work on Monday. [SFX: she sighs and picks up her phone]

VOICEMAIL: You have 5 new messages. First new message-

CLAIRE [ON MESSAGE]: Hello Judith-

VOICEMAIL: Deleted. Next-

CLAIRE [ON MESSAGE]: Judith, have you ever considered-

VOICEMAIL: Deleted. Next new-

CLAIRE [ON MESSAGE]: Why don’t you answer my calls, Judith-

VOICEMAIL: Deleted. Nex-

CLAIRE [ON MESSAGE]: I saw you in a dream last night, Judith-

VOICEMAIL: Deleted. Next-

CLAIRE [ON MESSAGE]: Hey Judith, just wanted to call you, see how you were doing. I feel like we haven’t been talking a lot lately. Guess we just keep missing each other. But hey, we’ll see each other soon enough-

VOICEMAIL: Deleted. I have no more messages for you.

[SFX: Judith hangs up the phone. beep]

VO: Tune in to Season 2 of Parkdale Haunt, coming September 2021.