00: Season 3 Trailer: Owen

Can you heal from what you've been through?

[SFX: beep. Phone message]

OWEN: Hey Jude, uh, just leaving the hospital now. Give me a call when you get this, I assume you’re probably still sleeping since… yeah. [SFX: text tone] Hang on… I just got a blank text from a random number. I don’t know this one. [SFX: text tone] And another. [SFX: text tone, text tone, text tone all in quick succession] They’re not blank anymore, Jude. They’re pictures of me, sleeping. In the hospital. From… the door to my room, what the fuck- [SFX: text tone, pause as he checks] And one more, this one is… inside the house. In the basement, and… god, that’s… that’s a lot of blood. [deep breath] Ok, I’m just going to… block this number. [SFX: text tone] Be careful if you go near that goddamn house, Jude. Someone’s watching. Call me. Bye.

EMILY: The final season of Parkdale Haunt arrives September 26th, wherever podcasts are found.